Friday, July 11, 2014

Recent Read: Alien Collective

Alien Collective by Gini Koch is the 9th in Koch's Alien series. Jeff and Kitty are still dealing with the wilds of DC politics. More anti-alien enemies are rearing their ugly heads and, to make matters even worse, Jeff has been asked to run for Vice-President. Chaos continues to reign as mysterious forces help and hinder their efforts to make it safely to the White House.

Just so you know, this series is one of my must buys. They are always fast paced and hard to put down. Kitty is a kick-ass heroine with a soft-spot for underdogs and an ever increasing circle of friends (9 books worth). There are a lot of characters and back story to keep up with so I would definitely recommend starting with book one.

Series reading order:
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1. Touched by an Alien
2. Alien Tango
3. Alien in the Family
4. Alien Proliferation
5. Alien Diplomacy
6. Alien vs. Alien
7. Alien in the House
8. Alien Research
9. Alien Collective (2014)