Wednesday, September 29, 2010

QSC Quilt retreat

The Quilters of SC retreat is almost here. I'm so excited, of course not for the normal reason. 2.5 years ago I went to the bathroom during the Spring Meeting and came back to find that my mom had volunteered US to run the retreat for 2 years. Not the kind of stress I like to deal with. Hard to enjoy the retreat, as well. Like working fast food & retail, it does give you an insight on similar events and keeps you from being as hypercritical as some people can get.

Once again, i'm signed up to do Bring Your Own Project for the whole weekend. Hopefully will get stuff done. I will be making a daily trip home to clean and feed the hedgies. It's cheaper $ wise than boarding them.

So, next time I post I might have retreat pictures but I will definitely no longer be qsc retreat co-chair. Whew. I hope things go well and everyone has a great time.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pumpkins Are Done!

Well, at least the top is :-) Ok, the pattern is Scrap Pumpkins, design by Cheri. I bought it at the quilt store we went to in Vegas. They had the quilt hanging near the door. It was pumpkins, it was scrappy, it involved small squares. My kind of difficulty. The ladies there had to mail it to me, they hadn't gotten their supply, but that was ok. One less item to pack. Plus, they paid the postage.

I liked the pattern, but for $8.50 I want more than 2 pieces of paper, an envelope, and a paper picture on the envelope. The pattern and instructions were hand drawn/written, which is fine. I would've liked a bit more on the cutting instruction side. You know, cut 3 million 1.5 inch squares... It was just a drawing with the measurements written in. I think the idea was to make it scrappy/country looking.

Anyway it's a cute pattern and I finished the top my way. The dark border is green. It was supposed to be more 1.5 inch orange squares. I wanted more color.

I'm going to try to do some single pumpkin quilts and see if anyone at work wants to take one home for a donation. I've got to get working on some plans for Christmas, too.

Here's a close up of the middle pumpkin:

It's so funny how pixilated it looks from afar.

It's almost time for the QSC Pieceable retreat (3 days until we move in). This is the last of the 2 years Mom volunteered us to organize it. Yay! I've decided not to board the hedgies. That would be about $60 bucks. It's cheaper (and less exhausting) just to drive down Friday and Sat and clean/feed.

Speaking of hedgies, today was sink bath day for Calvin. I was at the end of a cat nap, so mom gave it to him. Needless to say I grabbed the camera. I said there would be hedgie pics...



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

About a week and a half until the QSC retreat. A week and a half until we get to pass it on to someone else. Yay! I think I have mom trained not to volunteer us for stuff anymore. The hedgies won't be coming, but they also won't be going to the kennel. I've decided to drive down each day to clean the wheel and feed them. They won't care when the wheel gets cleaned and it'll be cheaper in the long run.

I've discovered the joy of making smaller pieces. For the pumpkin pattern, you make 9 pumpkins out of 20 1 1/2 inch blocks. I got to buy about 16 1/8yd cuts of orange batiks. Sooo much cheaper than even fat quarters AND I get to cut them into really small squares. I guess the OCD thing is showing through. 4 done so far.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quilt donation and Vegas

I'm trying to remember to take pictures of quilts I finish (or mom finishes for me), especially thie big ones.

This was the Logan Mystery Quilt for 2009. It actually ended up being finished b/c I donated it to the Epworth Children's Home through the Devine quilt guild. We decided to furnish quilts for the girls who are off to college and grad school this year. Mom was really coveting it but I wouldn't let her have it. Lynn  donated the quilting and batting so mom would've had to pay her for it AND come up with a new quilt.

When we went to Vegas for my cousin's wedding Mom and I managed to hit one quilt store and one cross stitch store. We took an expensive cab ride to the xstitch store and then some nice lady gave us a ride to the quilt store. Needless to say, we took the bus system back to the strip. MUCH cheaper.

I found the store on the Internet. There was a good review plus the Artful Bras book was on the web site :-) It's called The Christmas Goose. Very nice folks in there. The fabric wasn't our style, lots of country type stuff. I think I saw 4 bolts of batiks, but I did pick up a couple patterns (one the pumpkin one mentioned the last post). We did find out there are 4 other stores in the area (1 is closing) and a quilt tours business that will take you to all of them. Of course, I could've found it on their links page... So if you go to Vegas, here's the LINK.

The cute hedgie I bought decided to check out the fabric as well. (I need to come up with a name for him).

More pics of Vegas and my other doings can be found on my Webshots Album.

New Blog Purpose/Theme!

I tried to set this up to be a hedgehog journal after I got Ender the hedgie, but I never remembered to post. Now I'm going to try a new theme: sort of a crafting/travel journey. There will probably be a lot of quilting/cross stitch pics and reviews and travel/crafting pics. There may be hedgehog pics or mentions of romance novels, you never know.

I sort of got the idea today when looking at a pattern I bought in Las Vegas. They had to mail it to me since they had a sample but the pattern hadn't come in. I'll post about it later, but it only had 2 pages. For $8.50 I want more than 2 pages and more specific instructions. Other folks review the books and patterns and stores they go to, why not me? So, after I work on the quilt I'll post a review of the pattern.

I picked up a stuffed hedgie at the Sanrio store in Vegas, so a small stuffed hedgie may make an appearance in some posts.

No pics yet, I have to upload them into my Webshots album first. I pay for that account so there shouldn't be any linkin/traffic problems. Until then, enjoy the fused hedgie in my profile pic :-)