Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pumpkins Are Done!

Well, at least the top is :-) Ok, the pattern is Scrap Pumpkins, design by Cheri. I bought it at the quilt store we went to in Vegas. They had the quilt hanging near the door. It was pumpkins, it was scrappy, it involved small squares. My kind of difficulty. The ladies there had to mail it to me, they hadn't gotten their supply, but that was ok. One less item to pack. Plus, they paid the postage.

I liked the pattern, but for $8.50 I want more than 2 pieces of paper, an envelope, and a paper picture on the envelope. The pattern and instructions were hand drawn/written, which is fine. I would've liked a bit more on the cutting instruction side. You know, cut 3 million 1.5 inch squares... It was just a drawing with the measurements written in. I think the idea was to make it scrappy/country looking.

Anyway it's a cute pattern and I finished the top my way. The dark border is green. It was supposed to be more 1.5 inch orange squares. I wanted more color.

I'm going to try to do some single pumpkin quilts and see if anyone at work wants to take one home for a donation. I've got to get working on some plans for Christmas, too.

Here's a close up of the middle pumpkin:

It's so funny how pixilated it looks from afar.

It's almost time for the QSC Pieceable retreat (3 days until we move in). This is the last of the 2 years Mom volunteered us to organize it. Yay! I've decided not to board the hedgies. That would be about $60 bucks. It's cheaper (and less exhausting) just to drive down Friday and Sat and clean/feed.

Speaking of hedgies, today was sink bath day for Calvin. I was at the end of a cat nap, so mom gave it to him. Needless to say I grabbed the camera. I said there would be hedgie pics...



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  1. I know I shouldn't play favorites, but, I like Ender the best. Love the pumpkins too.