Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Blog Purpose/Theme!

I tried to set this up to be a hedgehog journal after I got Ender the hedgie, but I never remembered to post. Now I'm going to try a new theme: sort of a crafting/travel journey. There will probably be a lot of quilting/cross stitch pics and reviews and travel/crafting pics. There may be hedgehog pics or mentions of romance novels, you never know.

I sort of got the idea today when looking at a pattern I bought in Las Vegas. They had to mail it to me since they had a sample but the pattern hadn't come in. I'll post about it later, but it only had 2 pages. For $8.50 I want more than 2 pages and more specific instructions. Other folks review the books and patterns and stores they go to, why not me? So, after I work on the quilt I'll post a review of the pattern.

I picked up a stuffed hedgie at the Sanrio store in Vegas, so a small stuffed hedgie may make an appearance in some posts.

No pics yet, I have to upload them into my Webshots album first. I pay for that account so there shouldn't be any linkin/traffic problems. Until then, enjoy the fused hedgie in my profile pic :-)

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