Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quilt donation and Vegas

I'm trying to remember to take pictures of quilts I finish (or mom finishes for me), especially thie big ones.

This was the Logan Mystery Quilt for 2009. It actually ended up being finished b/c I donated it to the Epworth Children's Home through the Devine quilt guild. We decided to furnish quilts for the girls who are off to college and grad school this year. Mom was really coveting it but I wouldn't let her have it. Lynn  donated the quilting and batting so mom would've had to pay her for it AND come up with a new quilt.

When we went to Vegas for my cousin's wedding Mom and I managed to hit one quilt store and one cross stitch store. We took an expensive cab ride to the xstitch store and then some nice lady gave us a ride to the quilt store. Needless to say, we took the bus system back to the strip. MUCH cheaper.

I found the store on the Internet. There was a good review plus the Artful Bras book was on the web site :-) It's called The Christmas Goose. Very nice folks in there. The fabric wasn't our style, lots of country type stuff. I think I saw 4 bolts of batiks, but I did pick up a couple patterns (one the pumpkin one mentioned the last post). We did find out there are 4 other stores in the area (1 is closing) and a quilt tours business that will take you to all of them. Of course, I could've found it on their links page... So if you go to Vegas, here's the LINK.

The cute hedgie I bought decided to check out the fabric as well. (I need to come up with a name for him).

More pics of Vegas and my other doings can be found on my Webshots Album.

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