Friday, July 29, 2011

Finally recovered from New Orleans. $n pt. 2, $p Quilters

What, did you think ALA was just about food? Technically I guess it's about work, but that for another blog (that doesn't exist).

Saturday night's gathering was with the ALA Biblioquilters. We are librarians and library related folks who make quilts (imagine that) for charity. Read all about us HERE. There was a really nice write up about us this year prior to ALA. If you read the article, we did four quilts this year. Our display was set up across from the exhibits in the main convention center space and we had our own official sign! Yes, I was rather excited by the sign.

So, we did four quilts this year. I worked on the bookshelf quilt again. I may branch out next year and work on a different one. Everyone's hashing out what we want to do, so I'll just wait and see.

We have the library related t-shirt quilt:

I actually own two of those shirts. At least one will probably end up in my own quilt some day. Notice the Mardi Gras fabric?

This is the Music Quilt. If you haven't read the article, it was made by 2 librarians for a fellow librarian who had pancreatic cancer. They never got to give it to her and decided to donate it to the auction this year. One of them, Pat, died in January of this year (also of pancreatic cancer)

This is the Wonky Quilt. My mom likes to make these:

(no, we were not blocking the elevator)

And my favorite (because I worked on it), The bookshelf quilt. There's a neat hummel figurine on the top shelf that you can't see, but it is visible in the article. I did the bottom row, the one with the ereader

Here's how we looked all nice and lined up. To the right of the picture were some tables with the bid sheets and some donated artwork. I was all about the quilts, though.

I did not make it to a quilt shop in NO. There weren't any down town and I didn't want to spend taxi fare to get to it. One of the biblioquilters did go. Said she spent more on taxi fare to get there and back than on fabric. I think I'm fine with my pictures, food, and free books (oh, and work)

Here we are at dinner at Jacques-Imo's Cafe. See previous post for the food consumed. We do have one infiltrator. My roommate Jodi isn't a quilter. She does have a library degree and cross-stitches so I guess that counts :-)

It was great to meet everyone. I think I have faces with most of the names.

--end part 2--

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