Saturday, September 21, 2013

I guess I'm officially a quilter?

Mom and I went on a trip up to Pickens last weekend to see a Fiber Arts show at the Pickens County Museum of Art and History. Lots of familiar names, and not just the two we've seen at recent guild meetings.

On the way back we stopped in Easley for lunch. Of course, they lured Mom in with the antique stores. I have a feeling the cafe we ate at could've been a bar and we still would have eaten there because it was between two antique stores.

Antique store 1 I didn't look around in too much. They had a no bag policy and I wasn't stuffing my camera bag in their little lockers. Before I got caught I did spot a toy for Mom to look at. Sure enough, it came home with us. Meet Josephina, a 1948 Featherweight. A really good price and Mom did get it working. It just needs a good tune up.

Next, it was my turn to get in trouble (not THAT much, though). There's a reason I've been trying to stay out of antique stores for YEARS now. The 2nd antique store did not have a bag policy so I could roam at will. On the second floor I found this quilt I ended up buying. I have no background, but I like the fabric in some of the blocks. I have no idea what I'll do with it, either.

The sashing is definitely put on by machine. The button hole stitching around the petals was done by hand, but the petals have also been stitched on with a machine. Some look like they were stitched on before the button holing and some after. In a few places, the button hole stitches are missing or coming apart..

Want to see the blocks?

row 1 block 1

row 3 block1

row 3 block 3. This is the fabric I like the best.

row 3 block 4

row 4 block 1

row 4 block 2, my favorite fabric again

row 3 block 2

row 3 block 1

row 2 block 4

row 2 block 3

row 1 block 2

row 2 block 2

row 2 block 1

row 1 block 1

row 1 block 4

row 1 block 3

So that's my "new" quilt. Like I said, not sure what I'll do with it but it's mine.


  1. Jodi, I use my antique quilts. I love they way they snuggle and I just know that I have saved them from extinction. They are much happier because I use them.

  2. Jodi, my mother and her mother were avid quilters, and I have a couple done by Charles' grandmother and one by my sister in law's grandmother. I LOVE quilts! I love these pictures and your stories! One day I want to see some of yalls work in person, but I live so far away. :D

  3. PS...kmg1957 is your neighbor, Karen Gresham

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  6. Kmg1957 is me, Karen, your next door neighbor

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