Thursday, June 9, 2011

Countdown to ALA

Less than two weeks until I head off to New Orleans for ALA! (American Library Association) Yay! I'm really more excited about going to ALA itself than the actual city it is in. New Orleans seems to be out to get me sometimes: bruised tail bone one trip, picked up a parasite another (before Katrina), lost money at Harrahs another... Heat and humidity. Iceland would be better, oh well.

Plans so far:

Thurs-Fri - preconference
dinner Sat at Jacques-Imo's Cafe.  I saw an appetizer on tv that I want to try. I've got my friend Jodi and a bunch of quilters going with me so should be a blast.

Found another restaurant I want to try, it's a Thai place. Not sure when I'll it it though.

I was actually reading my ALA snail mail spam today and found out that one of my favorite paranormal authors is going to be speaking/signing in the exhibit hall on Saturday! Don't know what was on my agenda at that time. It no longer is. She lives in New Zealand so it's not like I'll get to see her that often. I've got all my books on my Kindle, so she'll be signing that. Who is it? Nalini Singh for you fellow romance readers.

There's an exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art of Madeline Albright's pins. Jodi and I want to try to make it to that.

Meetings you ask? Yeah, there are some scheduled in there :-)

Other news:

The quilt I made for SOS Aloha raised $250 and will benefit the Navy SEALs. Kim sent me a Navy Seal coin as a thank you. Did you know Magnum PI was a SEAL?

Ender and Calvin are doing well. Calvin had surgery last week on 2 masses. One on his side and regrowth on his leg. He's doing great.

Oh, and found some shoes I WILL be getting after I get back from ALA. Just not sure which pair. Have I grown up? No, why would I want to?

Off to design group. Expect lots of pics to look at for the post-ala post.

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