Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's May already?

Boy, it's hard to believe it's May already. The hot months are slowly creeping up on us. I've got some project updates and cute hedgie pictures to share. The quilt I made for SOS Aloha is being auctioned on the SOS Aloha blog this month. Here is the LINK to the blog entry.

I also made a bookshelf "shelf" for the ALABiblioquilters donations to the ALA Exhibits Round Table scholarship fund. We had an article in the pre-conference Cognotes! I did a bunch of books, of course, but also an ereader. Mom had to help me with that one, I don't do too much fusing... Here's the LINK for that. It's a pdf. We're on page 13.

I'm still working on the Oh Mi Gosh quilt. Sewing strips together does get a bit boring so I mix it in with other projects. I have 20 little 9 patches done!!! 510 more to go:

The Pizza Ladies visited the Logan guild in April. Brought some fabric and tools and did a trunk show/demo/talk on what you could do with some of their rulers and templates.  I tried to behave, but had to buy this one pattern + template called Lollipops, by Laundry Basket Quilts. It makes these cute little pointed Dresden plates. I, of course, have gone crazy cutting fabric. I have finished 2 so far, not the center circles yet.

First one in batiks

Second one in stripes.

2 to 3 more in progress

Totally addictive of course.

And for my final project, I finally finished the blackwork cross stitch project. Yay!. I enjoyed doing it, but the darn bushes around the edges were endless. No mindless stitching there.

My newest project is a Teresa Wentzler design. I've been doing her stuff for years. I'm working on a Fruit & Floral Wreath kit I bought a few years ago. If you click the link, I'm doing the top one. I'm trying a new prepping technique. Some folks on a LJ group would grid out their fabric with basting stitches before a big project. I'm in the middle of doing that since TW's stuff is so heavy with colors and color changes. That part is taking forever of course. I'll keep you posted.

And finally, cute hedgie pics. Mom bought this shopping cart at World Market. I tried to get some good action shots with the boys. They weren't cooperating. Calvin spent half his time in the cart trying to poo and Ender was busy crawling out

Calvin shopping:

Ender shopping

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