Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back from the SC state fair

Mom and I went to the State Fair today. We usually end up going on a Sunday. No pictures for you this year, usually I try to take a pic of something: the mushrooms, the fried candy bar of the year... Nothing today.

Of course we started with the usual fried mushrooms and gyro.The fair fried mushrooms are what got me started eating mushrooms at the age of 33. We brought in our own drinks and split an order of each. Saved much moolah that way. The crafts building is always selling cookies and milk (cheapest food there) so that was dessert.

Once again, no pics. They tend to fold the quilts when they hang them so you only see about 1/4-1/3 of the quilt. It's really rather disappointing in a way. I did take a look at the cross stitch. My goal this year is to do another project to enter for next year.

This year's fried food adventure was the fried butter, stolen from the Texas State Fair of course. Lets just say I should've found out where the fried pickles were and gone for that. I usually get the bad stuff as we leave. No picture this year b/c I stuffed it in the trash when we hit the car. It honestly made me want to hurl. Their fried butter is a pat/blob of butter dunked in cinnamon/sugar (or just the cin), dipped in batter and then deep fried. You get 4 for $4. I ate one (dribbling on my Denver Bronco shirt). I wasn't too impressed, but gamely tried the second. I didn't even finish that one when I stuffed them all into the trash. I'm still recovering.

Liquid butter should only be enjoyed with crab legs, not at the fair!

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