Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's October and it actually feels like fall!

Fall is my favorite time of year. The weather starts getting cool and pumpkin spice lattes start appearing at your local Starbucks :-) I could do without the joint aches of the weather change, but at least I can cuddle up in a quilt or on top of the space heater at work.

QSC retreat is over! Yay, my 2 year tour of duty as retreat co-chair is over. Next year we can attend and just have fun without worrying about things and running around. That's Anita's job *evil grin*

I did, crazily, volunteer to be membership chair after we got home. The current chair needs to step down and I decided I could do that job. I can't even blame the idea on drinking since it was mid afternoon on a Sunday and we were coming from a Baptist retreat center.

I did get some sewing done. I finished the top of my 4patch swirl quilt. It's been sitting around for some weird reason. Not sure why I put it aside, but I finished it and added a border. I also got a few small pumpkins done from the pumpking pattern.

This weekend I look forward to sleeping in and loafing all weekend.

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