Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's been a busy week

This has been a pretty busy week. Not a bad week, just busy. I had to go to Myrtle Beach for a night for the state library association conference. I tried to get out of spending the night but Sheraton has a 3 day cancellation policy. 3 days? Mom went with me so we could hit the quilt stores. There are 3 in the Myrtle Beach area and we hit all of them plus one knitting store.

Folks in all the stores were very nice, especially the knitting store. Didn't get pics of the travel hedgie on Wed, I was way too tired. Did get pics of him in the two stores we hit on Thurs. Sooo, hedgie store pics

Saturday was a fun beading class. It was sponsored by the Devine Quilters guild Mom and I belong too. Dee and Joann did a great job. We were learning beading on fabric techniques. The following is picture of the sampler we did. We were supposed to write down the name of the technique next to the sample. As you can see, I didn't follow directions on that one. Travel hedgie did show up to supervise and keep us out of trouble.

The headless dude in the bottom right is actually a limb with buds on it.

More travel hedgie pics can be found here:

It's sad when one's facebook game addictions interfere with one's blogging and crafting. My evening craft, should I shut off the laptop, is cross stitch. I'd love to get good at applique, but I'm first and foremost a cross-stitcher. I finally finished the small cats project I was working on for ages (darn farmville), have the backstitch on a small Margaret Sherry hedgehog to do (darn frontierville), and have finally started on a big project again! I want to enter something in the Fair next year and decided on this cool blackwork pattern I bought last year.

I love blackwork. My favorite part of the Church Street cross stitch I did years ago was the iron gates. Yes, it's just backstitch but I love the backstitching and how it makes things pop.

To keep the images down a bit, here's the link to the cats I just finished. The pattern was in one of my British xstitching magazines. I loved the colors.
The start of the blackwork pattern:

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