Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy 2011!

Happy New Year! I'm sorry it's been so long since I've blogged. I had a very very lazy Christmas Break. You would think I could get something done with a week and a half off. Nope. I did get used to sleeping in, but that doesn't really count. :-)

I was interviewed for the SOS Aloha blog and want to make sure interested parties have something to read! Kim did an awesome job and I love all the neat pictures.

Mom and I went on a cruise in the beginning of December. We boarded a ship in Charleston and headed off to the sunny and COLD Bahamas. Our ports of call were Nassau, Freeport and Key West. Nassau was windy windy windy and cold, Freeport was COLD and Key West was cold and sunny. I usually don't bring quilty stuff on cruises since I don't do handwork (yet). I mainly worked on my cross-stitch project, when I could find good lighting.

The highlight of my trip was Nassau, I did the shallow water dolphin swim at the Atlantis. That was soooo cool. Want to see a pic?

Mom was off elsewhere in Nassau and Atlantis so we only have a few of the Atlantis-taken pics that I've scanned. More can be found in the webshots album:

To show how windy it was that day, I took a pic of the harbor as we walked into town. The water was gorgeous, but brrr.

Key West was the next highlight. We'd already scoped out a quilt shop to go to, but I dragged Mom to the Hemingway house first. I wanted to see the 6 toed cats. We then walked to the quilt shop, and yest the travel hedgie made an appearance. He spent most of the trip in my camera bag, but popped out for a quilt shop photo.

The name of the place is the Seam Shoppe. They have a cute little store, also do upholstery and help with almost anything that comes in the door. Very nice folks.

Here's Mom rushing to get in:
And the Travel hedgie checking out the batiks. He has good taste.

It's funny looking at my pictures of Key West. I took more pictures of the cats and a graveyard than any of the buildings. 

Did I read anything on the ship? Of course, what avid romance reader doesn't travel without books and (now) her trusty Kindle. I love that thing

I'm going to close for now, work a bit, and then torture you with pics of SC snow! Here's a 6 toed cat paw (I think) to end on: You can see more at the webshots link above!


  1. Wonderful photos I want to swim with the dolphin someday.
    Have a wonderful day